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          ABOUT US


          Shanghai Weirong Cable Co., Ltd., established in July 1997, founded \"Taifeng\" brand wire. It is a diversified wire and cable enterprise integrating production, sales and R & D, with quality assurance, preferential price and large inventory. Timely delivery and can be disassembled for sale, to provide users with wire and cable supporting and consulting services.

          China Quality Certification Center UL, CE, CCC, ISO certification certificate
          The factory covers an area of 23000 square meters

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          Application Area

          • WEIRONG CABLE

          • WEIRONG CABLE

          • WEIRONG CABLE

          • WEIRONG CABLE

          • WEIRONG CABLE

          • WEIRONG CABLE

          Product display

          The company has passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, the production of PVC insulated sheathed wire AV, BV, AVR, RV, BVR, PVC insulated installation wire and shielding wire
          RVVP, PVC insulated sheathed elevator cable tvvb, PVC insulated flexible wire avvr, RVV, RVs, etc. have obtained CCC certification of China Quality Certification Center, and are professional wire and cable manufacturers.


          The cable adopts special structure design and has long service life,
          To maximize the operation efficiency of elevator production enterprises.


          Due to its good mechanical properties, excellent electrical insulation, good chemical stability, and water resistance, it has a certain point insulation performance.


          Due to good mechanical properties, excellent electrical insulation and chemical stability of PVC cable, copper mesh braided shielding is adopted to effectively resist electromagnetic interference.


          The cable is added with a layer of copper wire shielding network on the basis of RVs, so it is better than RVs Series in reducing signal transmission loss and shielding external interference.


          Brand protection

          marketing network

          Sales throughout Shanghai, Henan, Shandong, Liaoning, Chongqing, Anhui, Xinxiang and other provinces and cities, and exported to many countries and regions.